As the Primary Teaching Pastor. Pastor Jennifer Pressley has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. She has served 9 years as the founder of Breath of Life Ministries in Morristown TN. Her and her husband have five children and six grands. Apostle Jennifer has been Pastoring for 19 years; as the founder of Higher Praise Cathedral in Florida. Pastor Jennifer Founded and Pastor her church in Florida for 10 years, where drug dealers, gang members,felons, murderers, witches of witchcraft and drug addicts that terrorized neighborhoods, received Jesus as their savior Under her ministry and they lived independent from drugs under her leadership as she began to teach God’s Word and they received and became powerful evangelist of the ministry. She and her Husband feed the poor and house the homeless through their Men shelter  that is very limited in available rooms, but hoping to build a 60 room transitional home for women and men with the help of partners. Our ministry help cloth the poor and furnish homes that individuals have lost everything from storms and etc. We also support other charities around the world that are helping to bring forth change.