Come Worship With Us 

Breath of Life invites you to come be apart of being emerge in the present of God. We at Breath of Life knows all to well that Worship is not a song or nor is it the music that is played, but its when you can loose sight of everything around you and tell God how much you appreciate him and love him and adore him until time exist no more. Its just you and God. His overwhelming peace and joy and love engulfs you and whatever is going wrong becomes right and if you are sick and need a healing, God touches you and heal you instantly, all because you worship him in spirit and in truth. Worship is submitting yourself totally to him without a doubt, knowing God I give myself to you to take care of everything and if I need to change anything in me. Take it out and straighten me and help me be the person you want me to be in you. Worship is having a relationship with God that Loves to exalt his name and study his word and live like Christ and Love to go strengthen your brothers and sister by going to church. Worship can’t be taught. Worship has to be LIVED.