What we do

teach our youth

Teaching the youth at church is an opportunity to help them develop spiritually by creating a welcoming environment, using engaging methods, and being a mentor. It’s about guiding them on their spiritual journey and building a foundation of faith and values for their future.

We instill in the young people the importance of knowing who you are in Christ. We want them to understand that God has a divine plan for their life and if they take that time to develop a relationship with God, God will reveal to them the greatness that He has instilled in them and will give them that surety that they can do anything positive that they put their mind to do as long as it’s in the divine will of God. Through our profound youth bible studies our teachers give our students the opportunity to get to know God in a fun, unique way. Our youth teachers explain the bible in such a way so that the kids will be able to relate it to their everyday lives. This is also a time where it gives our youth a safe and nonjudgmental environment to ask questions pertaining to the bible or even their lives where they can get sound guidance through Gods word taught by the teachers from God. We love instilling in our kids the power of the Word of God as it transforms us in every way possible.

give back

At Breath of Life, we prioritize teaching our youth the importance of community service and helping those in need. By volunteering at places like Ronald McDonald House or assisting individuals in need, our young members experience the joy of making a positive impact and showing Christ’s love through their actions.

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B.O.L Youth are on the move as they find their hands working to help out their community, church and  ministry. As they put their heads together to formulate ideas on how to raise money, they enjoy coming up with creative ways on how to make it happen.From hosting Family fun fests that gathers the community to enjoy activities, food, and raffles to scrubbing cars for car washes they love what they do! That is just some of many fundraisers our youth enjoys.


Our youth at church give back to the community through volunteering and serving. They learn about the value of community service, develop leadership skills, and serve as role models for their peers. Their contributions help build a stronger, more caring community and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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